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Camelina seeds


Domestic chia-kind of a seed that's definitely worth discovering.

Add to salads, baked goods, make unique desserts, swell with water and use the result or press your own oil.

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The same seed from which we press the oil is also nicely used in the kitchen. The taste is the way a camelina should be, and it is worth discovering, for example, the quick swelling of the seed in water and the creation of a gel bubble around itself (similar to, for example, flax and chia seeds). Those who know how, take advantage of this property, who add it to salads, baked goods, smoothies, roast. There are enough opportunities. It is worth trying, for example, chia recipes, where it is still worth considering the specifics of the taste.

As a seed, everything original is still nicely in one place - valuable oils (~40%), a lot of vegetable protein (17%), germination power, etc.


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