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Buckwheat pillows

rather, pillows with buckwheat hulls

Close to nature, with many options, fully customizable as needed


Buckwheat pillows


Features and advantages of a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls over other pillows

Ergonomic support: The pillow made of buckwheat hulls provides excellent ergonomic support for the neck and head. The shells adapt to the shape of the head and neck, ensuring correct posture and reducing the feeling of pressure. It helps prevent and relieve neck and back pain.

Adjustable height and hardness: The height and firmness of this pillow can be adjusted by removing or adding buckwheat hulls. This makes it suitable for different sleeping positions and user preferences.

Air permeability: Buckwheat husks are naturally breathable, which ensures good ventilation of the pillow and prevents excessive heating. This feature helps keep the pillow cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Natural and environmentally friendly: Pillows made from buckwheat hulls are natural and renewable materials. Using shells as filler is an environmentally friendly choice, as they are biodegradable and their production does not harm the environment. In addition, our buckwheat pillows are wrapped in natural fabrics.

Durability: These pads are very durable and have a long life. Buckwheat shells do not lose their shape or support easily, so they retain their ergonomic properties for a long time. The life of the pad can be several years, depending on care and use. And you can always add a shell.

Natural scent and soothing effect: Buckwheat husks have a light, natural scent that many people like and has a calming effect. For example, lavender or other fragrant herbs can be added to the pillows, which help to relax and promote better sleep.

Baby pillow

Who is a buckwheat pad suitable for?

The Karmel selection includes pillows of all sizes, so they are suitable for use at any age and in many situations: from the bedroom to a travel pillow.

We have baby pillows for the smallest and their mothers, smaller pillows for little ones. Buckwheat husks also crunch nicely, so it's good to soothe them as small pillows - as toys.

The largest pillows we have made have been 60 x 80 cm in size, so it is worth contacting us for special requests as well.