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Everything made in Karmel first finds its way to the table of those who made it and their loved ones. After all, everyone wants the best for themselves first, but we do so that in addition to ourselves, there is enough for many others, without giving up on goodness.


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Greetings from Carmel

Saaremaa has received good and better throughout the ages. We are no exception, but we complement the list of island products with our excellent raw buckwheat, valuable cold-pressed oils, versatile oil seeds and sweet buckwheat honey. But not only.
In our own way, we also try to contribute to your quality night's sleep - through our comfortable buckwheat pillows. Soon we hope to offer the same to your pets.

Everything Karmel offers is nicely chemical-free. We also place great emphasis on the purity of the raw material used, which means a uniform and high-quality end result. This diligence in turn means more work and possibly a slightly higher price as a result, but if there is a choice between mass production and careful small-scale production, we will definitely choose the latter approach.

Our enterprise is still relatively young, but the development has been great. The working methods of the early days are already a thing of the past, and equipment is constantly being searched for and upgraded. We also continue to learn from experience so that we can reach more applicants without sacrificing quality.

When you find a package or bottle with the name Karmel on the store shelf, you can be more than sure that it is local, genuine food made with a lot of heart and care.

With good wishes
Aivar & Karel



Only the best

Fresh food, delicious food

It is important to us that you can always rely on us as a producer of freshly prepared food. As one of the few, we always indicate the preparation date on the packaging. Still in order to know how much time it took to get from the mill or press to your kitchen. It's true that what we've done can be preserved for longer, but fresh is still fresh. This quality can certainly be felt in the preparation of food.

Versatile and useful

Raw buckwheat

These appetizing candy cubes are also made from raw buckwheat. Yes, it is just such a versatile food! Find your favorite among our five different raw buckwheat products, delight yourself and surprise your loved ones!

If you are looking for a particularly good one

Camelina oil

Little known and uncommon, but still one of the best cooking oils out there. Cold-pressed, with a very high omega 3 content, high heat tolerance, always fresh with us, but can be stored for a long time without worry

Always a solid choice

Hemp oil

An oil that is impossible to confuse with others. The perfect salad oil with a unique hemp flavor, which we offer in two ways - clear and seeded. Although apparently the same thing, the characters and tastes are different

Worth discovering

Fenugreek & hemp seeds

If you want to explore more limits and possibilities, these seeds are ideal for that. Suitable for buckwheat chiarecipes, but hemp is suitable for salads, baked goods, and for making hemp milk

For a good night's sleep

Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat pillows were already known and appreciated in times when synthetics and animal products were not used in pillows. Now these natural and adjustable pillows are also in our selection
It is said that the best honey ever

Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is unique, both in composition, taste and smell. Other times, exactly the nuance of this honey is missing to give a hot drink, porridge, ice cream, smoothie or whatever, that "spot on the I". Other properties of honey can be purchased separately


..what people have said

“Super satisfied”

"I have bought buckwheat from Karmel - lamb's wool pillows both for myself and as a gift. Both I and the owners of the shoes are super satisfied with the cushions. A good night's sleep is guaranteed."


"With care & love.."

"..finished health products"


"Very pleased"

"I am very satisfied with the Karmel buckwheat pillow. The padding is well placed and supports the neck well. Even in the current hot weather, it is very pleasant to sleep with this pillow."


"We really like.."

..buckwheat and all about it, here we finally found the not proceeded alive tasty buckwheat that can sprout, tried the buckwheat bread baked without yeast and bought the wholegrain flour and the recipe book to make it. We also got a buckwheat pillow for a pleasant sleep and visited the fields to see how it's grown, as well as other useful seeds, hemp, camelina and chia. The cold-pressed oils made on the farm are delicious and contain a high amount of Omega fatty acids. The owners were very welcoming and gave us hemp and buckwheat plants for the evening calming tea.”


Use the opportunity

Events and events where to meet us

Sometimes it happens that we also go to public events. Still in order to meet people face-to-face, to present what I have done and also to make you good offers. We will announce our plans here

SUMMER 2024 – we are happy to invite you to visit us in Pähkla this summer as well! Our summer house, where everything fresh and good is always available, is open again. In addition to everything else, you can also pick up growing plants - hemp to make salad and tea, buckwheat flowers to make fresh tea or both to dry so that it is good to take in winter.

Visiting hours

Summer in Karmel's summer house:
We are open every day from 11 am to 6 pm
Feel free to ring the doorbell or call 566 00 334

If possible, we accept larger groups in our production all year round. In order for everything to go smoothly, let us know your plans in advance so that we can also prepare

Contact us

Questions, orders, ideas and cooperation proposals are always welcome. Calling, contacting here, e-mail and our Facebook page are also suitable

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