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Special buckwheat pillows


Buckwheat pillows, in their certain goodness, but in this selection they are even more special.
We have made the pillows even more comfortable to use and provide help and support in the most special situations.
All cushions are zippered, making it easy to add or reduce content. Easily shape the pillow exactly as you need it.
By changing / supplementing the content from time to time, you can get a very long-lasting natural pillow.

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Baby pillow - as the name suggests, is intended for the smallest and, in fact, also for their brave mothers. We have made a pillow that can be adjusted in such a way that it provides support and help in any position, whether for one, the other or even both. The pillow is comfortably large - the length of one arm is approx. 75cm, the width is approx. 60cm.
Naturally, the pad is zipped and has a content pad inside.

Our Japanese-style pillows are inspired by where the name suggests. In fact, it should now be exactly the most correctly shaped buckwheat pad that fits a person at all. You can notice the asymmetry, which gives you the right options for the last adjustment before sleep.
We have all Japanese pillows with a pillow. If your choice is a linen or blue/orange pillow, you will get a standard cover.

The contents of the pillows are buckwheat husks - completely natural, hay-scented, does not contain animal suffering, the airiness keeps the contents cool, does not make you sweat, but if necessary, the buckwheat husk can be heated, thus getting a warm and warm-keeping pillow. Among other things, buckwheat hulls are non-flammable.
If you wish, you can add dried plants to the pillow - lavender, hops, etc., so that your dreams will be fragrant in addition to colors.

Buckwheat husks have been created during the peeling of buckwheat and have been cleaned before being used in pillows.
Because no chemicals are used in our fields, the contents of the pillows are also chemical-free


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