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Extra hempy hemp oil


The one with the golden cap is our “extra-cannabis hemp oil”. What makes it special is its original origin - the bottle contains the oil as it is produced during the pressing process - oil with crushed hemp seeds.

It cannot be denied, this particular oil has proved to be a favorite of many good people.

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It is an ideal salad oil because the seed particles in the oil stick everywhere, thus imparting more of the hemp flavor. Normal, clear oil, however, sinks to the bottom of the salad bowl and stays there. At least these are our observations. Of course, it can be used anywhere, where only good oil needs to be added.

Cold pressing of ripe oil hemp seeds. Hemp oil is not suitable for heating.

Before use, shake well so that the seed crumbs that have sunk to the bottom mix well with the oil.

Extra hemp hemp oil, nutritional value per 100gr
Energy content 3626kJ/882kcal
Fats 94.04g
- of which saturated fatty acids 9.25g
- of which omega-3 fatty acids 19.91g
- of which omega-6 fatty acids 53.85g
Carbohydrates < 0.3g
Sugars < 0.3g
Proteins 2.11g
Salt <0.001g


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