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Buckwheat honey

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One right honey straight from the buckwheat fields of Saaremaa. This sweet goodness is perfect in tea, on pancakes or on top of porridge and muesli, or wherever that exact drop of sweetness is needed at the moment. While pure buckwheat honey has a slightly pungent smell and characteristic taste, our honey is a nice summer mixture of buckwheat and, to a lesser extent, other seasonal flowers. But still recognizably buckwheat honey - characteristically our way.

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A honey different from others due to its dark color and taste, which is considered one of the best honeys ever. Comparable due to high mineral and antioxidant content manuka with honey, while the availability of buckwheat honey is definitely better and the origin is certain through us.

1 review for Tatramesi

  1. A spark

    I am thrilled with your products and packaging. The jars of honey are so luxurious in these labels and it tastes just as luxurious!

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