Buckwheat mulch


Mulch made of buckwheat hulls is perfectly suitable for both small and larger surfaces. Despite its apparent lightness, it stays in place nicely, keeps moisture in the soil and protects the roots of the plants. Also suitable for improving soil structure.

Grown without chemicals.

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Buckwheat mulch is buckwheat husk after peeling and without additional cleaning. Thus, it can contain both buckwheat dust, whole buckwheat grains and its pieces, thus returning nutrients to the land. It is true that some grains can also grow, but since it is a cold-sensitive, annual plant, it will not progress as a weed. If some buckwheat plants do grow, your home garden will be more diverse, and blooming buckwheat is a favorite of bees.

We offer mulch in large packages, which is why we ask you to think about how the desired product will reach you before purchasing.
Upon agreement, we can arrange transport by courier, so please feel free to contact us if you do not have something with us right away.
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