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Cold-pressed camelina cake


A beautiful golden yellow cereal grain that enriches the diet of many domestic animals and birds with its high oil and vegetable protein content.
So far, we have made horses, goats, sheep and chickens happy with our pellets.
It is worth mentioning that the high oiliness comes from the same omega-3-rich burdock oil, which is also very important for animals. Also, our camelina plants are not chemically treated in any way, so it is clean food.

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A sorghum granule produced during the production of cold-pressed sorghum oil.
With a high protein content (~28%) and a high oil content (~17%) typical of cold press.
Buckwheat cake could form ~10% of feed.

Smaller quantities (5kg, 15kg) are packed in a double-layer kraft paper bag.
If necessary, we can also make paper bags in sizes 10kg, 20kg and 30kg.

Larger quantities are in lined PP bags.
We can pack even larger quantities in a big bag (approx. 800 kg) or offer in bulk.
Please contact us regarding current options and price quotations.
In the case of large quantities, the transport must be arranged by the buyer.


  • crude protein 28%
  • raw fiber 10%
  • crude fat 17%


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